Inner Bailey

The Inner Bailey consists of the South Palace with its adjoining chapel, the East Palace, the Walkway, the Refectory, the Refectory Cellar, the Keep, the Kitchen Yard and the service buildings. The exhibition tour illustrates aspects of the history of Tyrol from its early beginnings through the heyday of the castle in the Middle Ages, to its decay and restoration and right up to the history of South Tyrol in the 20th century. Special attention is given to daily life in the medieval castle as well as the system of law and order in the Middle Ages and the early modern age. Three rooms in the former service wing are available for themed exhibitions and temporary exhibitions.

The inner courtyard with the shop and the café is a green oasis where you can linger in the shade of the trees by the plashing fountain, read, take refreshments or simply relax. Your four-legged friend is only allowed entry in a pet carrier, available for hire at the till.