Refectory cellar

Daily life in Castle Tyrol. How heavy was a knight’s helmet? What did a watchman at Castle Tyrol look like? Starting from the archaeological discoveries made in the Inner Bailey and the detailed listing of named persons in the familia domus (1292-1298) who were in the service of the ruling prince, it is possible to reconstruct daily life in the Middle Ages in Castle Tyrol. In this part of the museum tour, children and families are invited to learn more about the items on display in the museum in an educational activity: a fun search for clues.

In close collaboration with architectural researchers and archaeologists, the Swiss illustrator Jörg Müller has made a visual reconstruction of medieval life in Castle Tyrol. Each individual room in the castle is filled with life. Visitors both young and old will be able to lose themselves in the crowded images full of intricate details and imagine themselves back in the Middle Ages.