Temple and Crypt

The Temple is principally dedicated to the archaeologically rich surroundings of Castle Tyrol. The early medieval stucco fragments from S. Pietro sopra Quarazze and the discoveries made during the excavation of the church on the Outer Bailey are incredibly rare and valuable. The different building phases of Castle Tyrol are also presented as themes, showing the main features of its structural development. The castle treasury used to be in the Crypt, and Margarete’s “bridal cup” used to be kept in these rooms, along with valuable fabrics and other magnificent heirlooms. In the holes left from scaffolding in the crypt, archaeologists also found the fragment of a brigandine (a form of body armour) which is now displayed in the Emperor’s Hall along with a facsimile copy of the bridal cup.

Marble reliquary and silver pyx, 5th/6th c. In 1994 a reliquary chamber with a small marble sarcophagus was discovered in the church on the Outer Bailey which dates from the 5th/6th century. In the sarcophagus there was a silver reliquary pyx with a fire-gilt cross, which contained three reliquary pouches wrapped in silk gauze. Evidence suggests that these are relics of the missionaries Sisinnius, Martyrius and Alexander who died as martyrs on the Val di Non in 397.